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Published: 23rd November 2009
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Searching the Internet for paintings of art coming from different cultural places or countries, people can discover a very interesting and easy to use website about Irish art, see.It is a web site created like an art gallery, but online. The website promotes living Irish artists, being also set up to sell their Irish art paintings. This is a family owned art gallery is based in the country side of County Antrim.

What is really great about this website is that people can purchase original Irish art, paintings being sourced directly from the artists' studios. The contemporary Irish art gallery doesn't sell prints, only original pieces, it has a policy of selling paintings without frames. This a great advantage, because, clients will pay less for shipping fees, they will also be able to choose their own framings, to suit their own taste.

When you visit the site, they discover pieces of modern Irish art, painted by many renowned artists like: J P Rooney, Kenlito, Michelle Carlin, Donal McNaughton, Liam Reilly, James McKendry and many others, who have their Irish artwork promoted here. Visitors are able to see an image of the painting, the price, and other specific details like the title of the work, size, artist etc. In this way, people who want to purchase a piece of Irish art can easily find out everything they want to know about each painting. Purchasing from this site is really easy for all customers, no matter from where they order paintings.

People can also discover, in a different directory on the site, announcements of all the latest exhibitions of new Irish art paintings. In this way, different visitors can see these Irish art pieces and decide what they like or not. It is wonderful that there are all kind of details about the artists who painted all these works, so people can find out more about the artists, not only about the work, but personal information as well, like the date of birth, where they grew up, how they started to paint etc. In this way, people can relate more to the artist.

Irish art paintings are really suggestive and there are many painters who illustrate the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, rural scenes, and the people who live and work there. It is little wonder that mountains, coastal area, lake views etc. are found in so many works of different Irish painters. The website promotes the sale of Irish art worldwide; clients from all over the world can enjoy these Irish art paintings. The art gallery is online, allowing art lovers to find Irish artwork sold at affordable prices. And after people buy a piece of modern Irish art, many of them come back. It is simply difficult to stay away from something that you love, especially when that thing is real art! So, don't wait any longer pay a visit now to this exquisite online art gallery today!

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